Mapping my life

As a part of Master class on Mapping our lives at Srishti, we were asked to create a work with given materials that somehow connects to our lives. I had a choice of an array of materials to choose from, to make my work. I gave a thought about my life and came with a very minimalistic idea to depict the number of peoples who have influenced me in one or other way. I chose to draw a lot of hands which symbolized the idea of many people blessing me. The very idea of this work comes from the fact that I’m not only living my life, instead, it is a blend of many other lives, the lives of all the peoples who have influenced me, my parents, my friends, my teachers who always supported me despite any kind of situation. The canvas is symbolizing myself who is fortunate enough to receive the blessings from all the people.


The workshop was very engaging and helped me thinking out of the box in a limited duration of time. I explored the vitality of a concept which is so essential to execute. The choice of materials is another factor which highly differentiated one from another. I liked the idea of giving the same task to the whole bunch of participants and then explore how everyone has come up with their own perceptions and ideas to represent their lives. More than doing by self, I was more keen to observe the methodologies that others would adopt while working. I learned the importance of both, the foundation of the strong idea and its execution. Many people do get a good idea but fail to express because of lack of proper execution of their idea. The best comes when an artist is able to articulate his original idea through his piece of work, which is only possible when it is executed properly. I rate myself with not so good ideas and fairly good execution of ideas. This workshop also gave me chance to put my work in front of other peoples which in turn brought a lot of appraisals and criticisms, which is a very important tool to evolve as an artist. I would seriously consider myself to give thoughts on each criticism which will help me improve.