What is one trait you wish more UX designers had?

Only if I can mention more than one trait, I would say the already mentioned ones in the previous answers (Following article was originally written as an answer to Quora answer) — empathy, pragmatism, and ability to take criticism to name a few.

Now so they are already stated, I wish if UX designers have honesty. The fact that this discipline is so vast makes it incredibly difficult to become one person equipped with the knowledge that makes him the UX Designer — Human Factors, Ergonomics, Interaction design, Visual design and what not. Considering the vastness and depth, many would think that then there must be only a handful of UX designers in the industry. Contrary to this, there are more UX designers (at least they call themselves so) than ever, many who are either good at visual design or wireframing start calling them as UX designers. It is possible that one is only specialized in one or few of the above sub-fields but still call himself as UX designer but is it justified? Emil Lamprecht from UX Mastery sums up like this, “With new professions come new pitfalls, and being an often misinterpreted role, the job title “User Experience Designer” is becoming one of the most abused titles in the tech industry, full of fancy User Interface (aka, graphic) guys who’ve added wireframes to their portfolios and claim to be UX experts.”1

Perhaps this is one profession which is dominated by the graphic designers. In fact, most of the people think that Photoshop and Illustrator are what you should know to be a UX designer. The term UX dilutes with UI, and what results is often just about visual aesthetics and nothing more, and stating the design as “intuitive” just because it looks shiny. Many try to reason the decisions that they make after design. Please don’t put those golden spirals in your logo. That is not reasoning.

I should not even talk about User studies – extrapolating results from a focus group of three people does not justify anything.


  1. 7 Signs This Person Isn’t Actually A UX Designer – UX Mastery, 7 Signs This Person Isn’t Actually A UX Designer – UX Mastery (accessed March 07, 2017). 

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