Fifth Year at Srishti

It’s my 5th year at Srishti and I’m still getting used to. I started with the post graduation studies in Innovation and Experience Design at Srishti Labs in 2013. Later on, I joined Srishti again as a Research assistant and worked in Art in Transit project in 2016. And I have now joined Srishti third time as a full-time faculty member. And this was a choice that I had to make despite Mathscapes and Mimo56 DesignLab since I have always been expressing the problems with scientific/tech. education scenario we have here in India. Now is the chance to do my bit.

2017 marks the true beginning of future that I envision for me. My focus now in Srishti is to get into research driven teaching. I’m assigned to teach two units in this cycle — Interaction Design 1 (with Riyaz Shaikh) for B.Des 2nd/3rd years, and Interaction Design beyond Screens (with Dr.Naveen Bagalkot) for M.Des 2nd years. Both involve unique challenges to deliver the classroom content which also resonates with the problem that I feel is prevalent in the formal education today and aligns with my personal vision.

Conditions that I have set for myself for constructing and delivering content for classes at Srishti are —

  • Not limiting or changing the actual jargons used in the scientific domain.
  • Not to overdo the participative activities — too much fun takes away the seriousness.
  • Not to oversimplify things for the sake of class.
  • To encourage Q&As, and sometimes break the flow of class to discuss things off the plan.

I will elaborate the above points with justifications in another post sometime.


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