This is incomplete. I will update this list some day.

3D Piezoelectric Disc Tech./Zestep/Living Energy (2015). Devised method to collect electric energy from Piezo crystals, which uses collection about all three axes.

49of60x (2014). Arduino powered turntable and Interval Shooting with Nikon D5300. for creating looping 360 deg. gifs. (This project was done in collab with Sumit Meena, Industrial Designer)

ATM+ (2013). Presented semi-working prototype to utilize VSAT network to build ATMs for medicine.

The Mind Machine Project (2013). Presented apparatus to stimulate brain activity state through light and binaural beats.

Future of Work (2013). Avant-garde concepts for workspaces for creatives/informal workers of future.

Interactive Multi-marker Tracking with Augmented Reality (2011). Built with OpenCV and C++, a method for camera-based object tracking and interacting with physical objects with AR for full and partial object visibility.

Harr based Face Detection and Learning (2010). Built on top of the Viola-Jones algorithm and Harr-based classifiers, a method for face detection and continuous learning to improve accuracy.